Don’t Just Rehydrate.

Staying hydrated is key to a healthy mind and body. And yet 75 percent of us suffer from chronic dehydration, wreaking havoc on our energy, mental and physical performance, organ function, and skin and gut health.

RevIVal’s mobile IV therapy is carefully crafted to prevent and treat dehydration while delivering the essential vitamins, minerals, and medications you need to feel your best.

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World-Class Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

IV therapies are an indispensable treatment in every hospital and emergency room.

Fluids and medicines delivered intravenously enter the bloodstream directly. This means they’re absorbed better and more quickly than when taken orally. An IV therapy only takes 30 to 90 minutes from start to finish, and the effects are felt almost immediately.

Now, with revIVal’s mobile IV therapy, we can bring world-class IV care into the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room.

Whether you’re jet lagged, hung over, feeling under the weather, or simply in need of a burst of energy, revIVal can help you feel your best, quickly and comfortably.

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Our Services

Your health and well-being are the reason we exist. After you make your appointment, we’ll conduct a comprehensive medical assessment, then carefully craft a mobile IV therapy tailored just for you. Our team of medical professionals are on call 12 hours a day(8am-8pm EST), 7 days a week to meet your needs.

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The Glow Up$279

Turn back the clock with this anti-aging IV drip loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients to fortify your skin and hair, boost brain and heart health, and promote detoxification and longevity.

Jet Setter$265

Relieves fatigue associated with jet lag and travel.

Hyper Immunity Boost$289

Boosts your immune system and prevents illness with the aid of electrolytes and powerful antioxidants.

The revIVal$299

Treats the effects of alcohol consumption, such as dehydration and muscle aches, while boosting energy and overall well-being. Our signature formulation.

Stomach Bug$259

Reduces symptoms associated with food poisoning and stomach bugs.

“B” Better Complex$259

Combats fatigue and weakness, and helps optimize energy levels. As the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.

Flu/COVID Fighter$299

Helps provide relief of cold, flu, and COVID-19 symptoms.


Rehydrates with simple but effective formulation replete with essential electrolytes.

Sports Complex$299

Aids in recovery from strenuous activity through a combination of vitamins and fluids with anti-infammatory effects.

Headache Reliever$279

Assists in reducing pain associated with migraine headaches.

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Serving the New Jersey Metropolitan Area

Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn coming soon!

We serve the following counties in the New Jersey Metropolitan Area:
Middlesex, Union, Monmouth, Somerset, Parts of Ocean, Eastern Hunterdon, Hudson, Morris, and Parts of Essex

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Who We Are

Our ownership consists of four licensed medical professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in various fields of medicine.

Jaime Morales, MD

Jaime Morales, MD

Chief Medical Director

Dr. Morales oversees all medical operations for revIVal. As a board-certified emergency medicine physician, he has practiced extensively in the field, earning appointments at various hospitals in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Dr. Morales is a partner in a freestanding emergency department in Texas and splits his clinical time between there and New Jersey.

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Christopher Matteo, RN

Christopher Matteo, RN

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Christopher oversees and executes all services offered by revIVal. He has been in practice as a registered nurse for eight years, holding positions in emergency medicine, post-surgical medicine, and home care, with current certifications in advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advanced life support.

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Dhaval Patel, MS, MBA, PA-C

Dhaval Patel, MS, MBA, PA-C

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Dhaval supervises revIVal’s day-to-day clinical operations, providing consultations and assessments to ensure a safe and effective experience for our clients. Dhaval has been practicing emergency medicine as a physician assistant for the past 12 years and has experience in both urgent care and emergency medicine.

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Daniel Raucher, MS, PA-C

Daniel Raucher, MS, PA-C

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Daniel supervises revIVal’s day-to-day clinical operations, providing consultations and assessments to ensure a safe and effective experience for our clients. He has practiced emergency, critical care and urgent care medicine for 13 years both in the New York metropolitan area as well as upstate and in Rhode Island.

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